Thanks for making such a great weight loss product. I’m down 70, my daughter is down 40. ~Deverel Shippy

You have changed my life. I am 52 and have tried everything to help with the menopausal weight. Bombshell WORKED . not only have you changed my life, but my lupus symptoms have disappeared. ~Dianne Stucki

Because of these weight loss products I have lost 6 pant sizes and finally feel like “me” again. My favorite are the Bee Pollen weight loss pills. They amped up my energy level and cut my cravings completely! ~Shannon Patterson

I started out at 165 lbs. Since I am only 5′tall this was OVERWEIGHT. I am now at 98 lbs. and have maintained that weight for over 5 months! To anyone out there who is struggling, DON’T GIVE UP! This works and i would recommend to anyone! ~Terri Westwood

I recieved my first bottle of Kocky the week after super bowl. I immediatley started taking it that day. At first I started with the maximum dosage and soon found out that it was a little more energy than I needed. I backed off to taking one at breakfast and one at lunch. This was great for the energy and it also did a very good job to suppress my appetite. After the first bottle I have lost 21.5 Lbs. and im ready to start with the next!” ~Will

​”I’ve recently purchased the Bombshell Bee Pollen Weight Loss Pills, and I am pleasantly surprised with the results. Ive lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks! My appetite is completely gone! It’s Insane! I’m so amped about finally finding a product that works for me. I look forward to doing business with your company for a long long time!” ~Bella

“I took the original Bombshell for 3 months. And I loved it! But, It seemed like my body started to get used to it, because I lost ALOT of weight in the beginning but by month three hardly lost any. My distributor recommended I try the Bombshell Gold for my fourth month. The result? 5 lbs of weight loss In the first 5 days! It’s wonderful to know that I have options to continue on to my weight loss goal.” ~Linda Grey

“I’ve been told by two doctors that I have thyroid issues, but I don’t medicate. I’m a 35 year old man and I felt like I was being told I had a health problem that belonged to a woman. I’ve tried many health and weight loss products to lose weight, but none that have worked. When I heard about these products I was skeptical. But at that low of price I thought, what the heck, ill try it. My distributor put me on Action and said the Fucoxanthin might help my thyroid. I lost 13 lbs in the first bottle! And I’ve lost an additional 30 lbs since. Thank you Herbal Creek! You’ve changed my appearance, my attitude and my life!” ~Mitch Hansen

“I work out 3-5 times a week and have generally healthy eating habits. But no matter what i’ve tried there has always been a stubborn 10 lbs that just won’t go away! That is until I found Herbal Creek ….. A friend of mine turned me on to the company. They set me up with a distributor in my area that recommended I try their supplement Kocky. It gives me great energy, curbs my hunger, and that 10 lbs was gone in 30 days!!!” ~Jennifer Austin

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